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Caterpillar Kit

This item is perfect for watching the beauty of metamorphosis at home.

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· Ordering is unavailable at this time.

· This product usually ships June—October.

· Shipping cost is $15.00. We need to ship them overnight to try to keep them safe and healthy.

· You will need to find an additional source of milkweed leaves to feed these caterpillars.

· One small caterpillar can eat up to 25 milkweed leaves .

· A small caterpillar can take up to 2 weeks before transforming into a chrysalis

· This kit contains 3—5 caterpillars.

· Great gift idea or party favor.

Price: $10.00

This is our most popular selling item. This item is perfect for watching the beauty of metamorphosis at home. The kit includes caterpillars, a few milkweed leaves*, Caterpillar Care instructional sheet, and a small container that can house your caterpillars until they transform into a monarch butterfly. Kits available June through September (dates subject to change).

We always try to have a range of caterpillar development available. If you want to watch your small caterpillar grow over 2 weeks, we can help you choose the right kit for that. If you want to watch the caterpillars for a shorter time, we can help you select larger caterpillars that will transform into a chrysalis sooner.

*You will need to find a fresh, clean supply of milkweed to continue

to feed your caterpillars*

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